Susan Sharp
Allow Me To Share My Marketing Philosophy!

Marketing Property is our Specialty!
  • Our Job is to give your property maximum exposure in the market.
  • Identifying the "Target Buyer"
  • Promoting directly to the potential home buyer.
Our Marketing Strategy Will Include:
  • The internet
  • Kelly REALTORS® "Home Show"
  • Virtual Tour
  • Referral Sources
  • Advertising
  • Multiple Listing Service
  • The Kelly Realtors Office Team
  • Property Information Sheets
  • Open House
  • Yard Sign
Communication is Critical!

You will hear from us regularly. We will:
  • Report on our marketing activities
  • Update you on recent Real Estate Activity
  • Answer your questions
  • Frequent communication means less uncertainty and stress in the home selling process.
The Internet

We will market your property with the latest Internet technology.
  • Information on your property will be included on The Kelly REALTORS® website!
  • Information on your property will be included on website!
  • Information on your property will be included the website!
The Kelly REALTORS® "Home Show"
  • This exclusive television show is ONLY open to Kelly Realtor listings!
  • KWTX Sundays from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM
  • Provides a unique setting for advertising your Property!
Virtual Tour
  • This tour will be available at REALTOR.COM
  • This Tour will be available on KELLYREALTORS.COM!
  • This Tour will be available my web site
Referral and Relocation Sources

We attract Buyers from all over North America
  • Our Referral Network gives us access to a pool of out of town buyers!
  • Corporate Transferee Buyers come to us through our relocation affiliation!
Local Homes For Sale Publication

Your Property will be ADVERTISED around the clock in the local REAL ESTATE BOOK!

This Exclusive Magazine is Available at Over 300 Outlets in and Around Waco and is FREE to the Prospective Buyer!

Waco Tribune Herald

Your property will be advertised in the Waco Tribune Herald Newspaper

Multiple Listing Service

The MLS will help give your Property Maximum Exposure
  • Hundreds of Real Estate Professionals will have computer access to information on your property!
  • Helps Agents match their Buyers to Your Property!
The Kelly REALTORS® Office Team

Our Entire Office will be working to help SELL your Property!
  • Promote at Office Meeting
  • Office Preview of your Property
Property Information Sheets

I will distribute detailed Marketing Flyers Promoting Your Property!
  • FAX to Top Real Estate Professionals
  • Available at the Property for Showings and Open Houses!
  • Send to Prospective Out of Town Buyers!
Direct Mail

We will send out Targeted Mailings to announce the availability of your Property!

"JUST LISTED" cards will be sent out to your neighbors!


My "OPEN HOUSES" are major marketing events!

AN Opportunity to "SHOW OFF" your Property at its BEST!


The Kelly REALTORS® "FOR SALE" sign will promote your Property around the clock!
  • Prospective Buyers recognize our well known signs!
  • Buyers who call on signs are pre-sold on the neighborhood and the exterior of your home!
Prequalified Buyers

We will pre-screen Buyers before showing them your home!
  • Showing your Property to Ready, Willing and Able Buyers saves you time, hassle and uncertainty!
  • Financial Pre-qualification helps assure a successful transaction!